OTTAWA RIVER: Levels Expected To Rise Again This Week

Another sign that the risk of more flooding isn’t over yet: there’s a new prediction about Ottawa River levels. 

The river regulators say we’re expected to see another rise this week, because of water that’s being released from reservoirs in Abitibi-Temiskaming and rapidly flowing downstream, along with rain that’s in the forecast for Thursday.  

Levels have been increasing quickly in the Mattawa area.

And, the river is expected to rise 27 more cm in the Pembroke area and as much as 40 cm more in the Lac Coulonge area this week, reaching a peak on Thursday or Friday.

If that forecast holds, that would put both of those areas at about 60 cm above the peak levels reached during the flooding of 2017.

Farther downstream, from Chats Lake to Lac Deschenes, levels are expected to rise again but should not exceed the initial peaks observed last week.