OVWRC Issues Reminders for Residents Concerning Bears

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has warned the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre that there has been bear activity in populated areas as they search for food. 

This typically means bears are looking for food in garbage cans and green carts. 

The OVWRC says an important thing for everyone to remember is that if there is no food source on your property, a bear will not stay long and will not likely return. 

You can reduce the possibility of a bear visiting your property by:  
"    Storing all household waste bins (garbage, recycling and green cart) in an area that is not accessible to bears; like a garage or shed.
"    Freezing odorous food waste and placing it out in the green cart on the morning of your collection day.
"    Wrapping food waste well in newspaper or paper bags to absorb moisture and reduce odours in your green cart.
"    Using lime in your green cart to help reduce odours or layer with dried yard waste.
"    Rinsing all waste bins with a mild detergent thoroughly after each collection.
"    Keep BBQ grills clean and free of grease.