Pembroke Campus Tops 1,000 Students for First Time in 50-Year History

Algonquin College is celebrating its 50th anniversary by achieving a milestone enrolment at its Pembroke Waterfront Campus.  More than 1,000 students are registered in the 21-full time programs that are offered in Pembroke, making it the highest enrolment in the five decades that the campus has operated in the city.

“To achieve this record enrolment at this point in time in our history is very special,” says Campus Dean, Karen Davies.  “The continued increase in our enrolments is a tribute to the employees of the campus who have worked so hard to create unique programs and offer exceptional teaching and supports to help students succeed.”

When the Pembroke Campus opened in 1968 it had only 16 full-time students.  Enrolments held steady at about 500 students through the 1980’s and 1990’s, but started to increase significantly when the campus introduced its popular Outdoor Adventure program in the fall of 2000. 

The opening of the new Waterfront Campus in 2012 led to more unique programs such as Environmental Technician, Urban Forestry-Arboriculture and Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety.  These programs attract many out of town students to the community and have helped spur the building of three privately owned and operated student residences to house the approximately 50 percent of the campus student population that re-locates to Pembroke each year.

“We are very proud of what has been accomplished at our campus over the years and the impact it has had on our community,” says Manager of Community and Student Affairs, Jamie Bramburger.  “These are exciting times at the college and as we mark our 50th anniversary we are thrilled to celebrate with a four-digit enrolment for the first time,” adds Bramburger.

Classes at the Pembroke Waterfront Campus will begin on Tuesday, September 5

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