Pembroke Considers Allowing Backyard Fires

Backyard fires could be a thing in Pembroke in the near future.

City Council is considering relaxing the current bylaw to allow fires on certain properties, and under certain conditions.   

Councillor Andrew Plummer brought the idea forward and said if it gets final approval, there would be rules in order to get a permit.

"The person would go out and say, okay, I think my backyard suits, and I want to apply for a fire permit", Plummer told reporters at City Hall on Tuesday night.

"Then you'd have a member of bylaw or the fire hall to come over and say, okay, yes, I think you meet that criteria.  I'll be sitting down with the Fire Chief and going over what that criteria is", Plummer added.

"It's a matter of going over, yes, you're so far from your house, or yes, you're back away from a fence line or property line, or yes, there's no tree that could light on fire", Plummer said of the possible conditions that would come with a permit.

Right now only properties that border water are allowed backyard fires. 

The Fire Chief has been asked to draw up a report on the pros and cons before council makes a final vote on any changes to the current bylaw, and subsequently sets out new rules.