Pembroke Fire Department Taking Part in Fire Prevention Week

It’s currently Fire Prevention Week and the Pembroke Fire Department wants you to “Look, Listen, Learn and Be Aware… Fire can happen anywhere”.

Pembroke Fire Chief, Dan Herback says the Fire Marshalls message is a real good catch-all…

“Number 1 is Looking. You’re looking for potential fire hazards around the home, and take action to prevent fire from starting and that could be as small as noticing you’ave left your lighter on the counter. Listen for smoke alarms in an emergency. Always be prepared and know what that sound it. Test your smoke alarms always and make sure all everyone in the house and the kids know what that sound is when it goes off. And the other one is Learn. And you should learn two ways out of every room. Important to that is your safety planning for you, the people that are staying in your house and as well as anyone that may come and visit.”

The Pembroke Fire Department is hosting a smoke alarm exchange program today at Giant Tiger from 10Am until 3PM and they will also be at the Lumber King game at the PMC, Sunday October 14th from 2-6PM.