Pembroke Street West: New Plan To Rebuild A Bumpy Road

A smoother drive through west end Pembroke could be coming sooner than expected. 

Pembroke City Council voted on Tuesday night to apply to a brand new government fund for roads and bridges, so it can afford to rebuild Pembroke Street West starting this year.

Councillor Brian Abdallah says a lot of roads need to be done, but this one is clearly a priority, and they’ve only got a small window of opportunity to apply.

"It’s the most heavily travelled road through Pembroke; we’ve done the east end so we have to do the west end, and we’ll have a full quality thoroughfare through the Main Street of Pembroke”, Abdallah told Star 96.7.

“As soon as we get the money we could put the tender out and get the contracts in, so hopefully we’re successful", he added.

If successful, the city would only have to pay about $483,000 of the $2.9 million estimated project price tag to rebuild the road from Christie Street to the western city limits.

This would be a full resconstruction, with possible improvements for pedestrians and hydro line burying as well, as opposed to a lower-cost "shave and pave" project, which is sometimes done to resurface a road more quickly.

Pembroke Street West sees over 13,275 vehicles per day and city Operations Manager Brian Lewis says there have been 200 collisions on this stretch of the road since early 2015, not to mention the numerous potholes that create a dangerous environment as drivers swerve to avoid them.

The money the city is applying for would come from the recently-announced multi-billion dollar Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program being offered by the provincial government in partnership with the federal government.

The first round of money is being awarded to smaller communities, and the province expects decisions to be made this spring.

Councillor Abdallah says while a lot of roads around the city need to be redone, there's no time to lose in getting an application in for this project since Pembroke Street West is so heavily travelled.

"There’s only so much money to go around, so many things you need to do in the city, and when the money comes you have to act quick", Abdallah said.

This is the same road and bridge fund that Petawawa and the County of Renfrew are also applying to, to four-lane Petawawa Boulevard.


Coming up at 7/8, how soon the work could be done.