Petawawa Blvd. Expansion Plan Split Into Phases

The plan to expand Petawawa Boulevard will have to happen in phases. 

The Town and the County submitted their application this week for provincial and federal money toward the 22 million dollar project. 

But Town Council has now learned that a cap on those grants - a possible $5 million for the Town and $5 million for the County - means the first phase would likely involve design work for the entire project, and construction that would be limited to widening the bridge, and doing the roadwork and roundabout between the bridge and the Garrison.   

The rest of the construction, between the bridge and Doran Road, would have to wait awhile longer. 

Still, Mayor Bob Sweet says this all-important money would mean the work can begin this year.

"You've got to think positive, that we'll get our fair share of this, because it's a long time coming and it should work", Sweet said.

"But hey, you never know;  we've given it our best shot, and I don't know what more we can do", the mayor added.

The Town and County will set out a timeline for the work once an answer is received on the grant application.  That is expected by mid June.

Sweet acknowledges it's going to be a tense wait for that answer.

"It's moving forward, and I'm anxious, let's put it that way", Sweet said.