Plummer: Help Young Adults Build Pembroke

Pembroke's youngest city council member wants to keep promoting Pembroke as a place for young adults to build businesses and families.  

After taking the oath of office last night Councillor Andrew Plummer told Star 96.7 one of his big goals this term will be reaching out and finding ways to keep young adults here, or ways to bring them back.

“We have a lot of kids that I grew up with, that have all moved away, and now it’s time to try to bring them back,“ he said.

"Retaining youth and bringing students back to town, and saying, you’ve gone away, now it’s time to come back to Pembroke, let’s open a business in town; that’s my real focus. It's trying to get people to come back to town and really help Pembroke build itself”.

Plummer says he’s heard a lot of comments about Pembroke’s progress in the last few years, and says that’s something council can really work with.

He says positive reinforcement and support for anyone opening a business is key.

"You know, you know you open a business, that’s something important to yourself, and it’s a matter of bringing those students back who’ve gone away and have experiences but yet bring that knowledge back here to the City of Pembroke”, Plummer said.