Postal Strike Reaches Pembroke Local 588

Rotating postal strikes have hit unionized workers in Pembroke. There will be no mail delivery today in much of the county including; Pembroke, Beachburg, Wesmeath, Killaloe, Combermere, Barry’s Bay and Maynooth, as workers are on the picket lines at the corner of Mackay and Pembroke Street East.

Pembroke Local 588 President Wade Wallace says the message they want to get across today is the need for fair wages for all rural delivery workers…

“The issue is ongoing. Which is we’re hoping that we can get some equal pay for the rural routes and the over-burdening of parcels that they are getting, so this is what we are about today. So we are hoping that this action will help speed up the negotiations.”

The amount of mail the carries deal with has not changed, a decline in letters has been replaced by an increase in parcels.

Contract negotiations have already been going on for 9 months

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