Renfrew County District Health Unit Community Flu Shot Clinics Have Started

Flu Shot Clinics have started rotating around the Valley to help people get protected as the cases of confirmed flu are already higher than normal.

The clinics run by the Renfrew County District Health Unit are free for any residents 6 months old and up.

Darci Greer, a Public Health Nurse with the County of Renfrew District Health Unit says there are three different options for getting the vaccine, include a kid friendly one…

“If they are between 2 and 17, there is a flu mist, which is a nasal spray. We do have a limited supply here at the health unit, so therefore it’s a first come first serve basis. It’s a good option for those who have a needle phobia but who still actually want to get the vaccine. “

Greer, adds this year the flu vaccine is looking very promising…

“But it looks as though the cases that we do have are mostly influenza A, and what’s great is that the flu vaccine this year, has the H1N1 strain of the influenza A in the vaccine. So that’s fantastic and hopefully that means this year will be a good strain.”

There is also the regular flu shot and a special high dose designed to be used for those greater than 65 years of age.

Those at highest risk for the flu and complications from it are children under 5, pregnant women, elderly, as well as people with other health issues.

The Community based clinics are free to attend