Renfrew's Long Time Fire Chief Suddenly Out of a Job

Renfrew's long-time Fire Chief lost his job this week because he now exceeds the age requirement to do it.

7 years ago the province passed legislation that all front-line, salaried firefighters must retire by the age of 60 because of the nature of their job.

Renfrew Reeve, Peter Emo, says after extensive consultations and research, Renfrew council passed the bylaw that forces the retirement of all firefighters, including Fire Chief Guy Longtin, to retire by age 60. Emo adds research has also been done to show the stress of fighting a fire on those 60 and over leads to a higher chance of suffering cardiac arrest.

Longtain was advised by Council to get a lawyer and Emo adds Longtains abilities have never been in question over his 26 years of service. He was not however advised that this bylaw was being worked on and that there would be a possibility he’d lose his job.

Captain Tim Hill is currently the acting chief and has over 30 years of experience.