Road Repair, Pool Planning, Business Boosting: Pembroke City Council Sets Goals

Pembroke’s newly elected City Council is ready to get to work on some big challenges.   

After taking their oaths of office last night, Mayor Michael LeMay said redeveloping the Kinsmen Pool, cutting red tape for business and promoting the city as a place to live, work and invest will be big priorities.   

But, he also said there will be a new focus when it comes to fixing the city’s aging streets and "ancient infrastructure".

They’ll be putting together an inventory of the most urgent needs -- and taking that to the province to make a case for money.

LeMay says a more predictable funding plan for these big-ticket projects is crucial.

"We have to have better planning from the government and know from the government, what are the funds we’re getting as a municipality", LeMay told Star 96.7.

"We’d like to know in advance, or come up with some sort of a system.  There’s no other way to operate because we just never know”.

LeMay says a prime example was a plan to fix Victoria Street, which the province had committed to help out with, but then informed the City the funding was on hold.

Another was the recent reconstruction of streets in the east end, which the provincial government didn't confirm money for until late spring - bumping the tendering and preparation process into the summer, and construction to the fall.

Crews were still finishing MacKay Street when the first lasting snow and freezing temperatures arrived, complicating the final few days of the construction process.

LeMay says the city will be looking at its own budget at the end of January, then making its case to the province .. so it can build a timeline for new projects.

On promoting the city as a destination, LeMay said the ongoing downtown revitalization is a perfect example of why the City needs to keep focusing on the business community.

"Our downtown has improved immensely, and that’s because as far as we’re concerned, businesses are important and we want to attract them", LeMay said.

"We’ve got a beautiful city.  That’s going to be our main focus again is basically, marketing Pembroke.  Everything that we have going for us”.