Sharing Valley Forestry Work With The World

A century of forest research work at the Petawawa Research Forest was on display for the world on Wednesday.

A delegation from the United Nations' North American Forest Commission toured the site, as it marks its 100th anniversary.

The Commission's "Silviculture Working Group", involving Mexico, the United States and Canada, which falls under the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, included members from Canada, the US and Mexico.

Joseph Anawati, the Manager of Partnerships, Science Policy and Integration Branch with Natural Resources Canada says the area in Petawawa is very unique with a lot of history…

"It has a wealth of scientific knowledge, a history of data, and it may be of interest to our colleagues from the States and Mexico", he told Star 96.7 News.

"They may see something of interest to them and we may also see some techniques that we can use here".

The main take away from the visit by the delegation from the United Nations was a sharing of ideas on better forest management.  

The visit comes as the site is marking its 100th anniversary this week.

Formerly called the Petawawa National Forestry Institute, the site used to include dozens of workers on a sprawling campus.

It continues with a smaller headquarters today and only a few staff members, but with modern technology that has given forestry planning and research new abilities.