SOME BUS CANCELLATIONS & Snowy, Slippery Roads: Tuesday Morning Update

It’s already been a busy morning for road crews and plow operators across the Ottawa Valley, following a pretty decent overnight snowfall. 

We received around 10 cm of snow in most areas, and some bands of freezing drizzle have also been making their way across the region.

Many roads are still snow covered and slippery.

There are some bus cancellations. 

Some bus routes that serve the following schools in the Barry’s Bay and Palmer Rapids areas have been cancelled:

-Madawaska Valley High School

-Sherwood Public School

-Palmer Rapids Public School

The schools are still open today.  Watch the following link for detailed bus cancellation updates:

The temperature is expected to take a major jump to plus 3 on Tuesday afternoon, with a chance of showers later in the day.