Spring Melt: Water Safety Statement Issued

Concerns about the spring melt are top of mind this week, as the MNR issues a Water Safety Statement.

It’s not a flood watch or a warning, but the "first step" in a series of advisories that could be elevated if the conditions change.

The statement says spring melt combined with the new snow we received on the weekend means people who live on property that is historically susceptible to flooding should take precautions to protect their homes.

That includes making sure sump pumps are functioning, and securing items that may float away if levels rise. 

The MNR says there's an equivalent of about 100 to 200 mm of water in the snow that’s left to melt in the south-central and south east parts of Renfrew County.   

The agency says ongoing melting could cause elevated water levels. 

It’s monitoring the situation closely and will issue further updates or watches or warnings, if it’s appropriate.

It's also reminding people to check http://ontario.ca/flooding for updates.