The Ace Has Yet To Be Caught!

The ace of spades lives to see another day in Deep River.

The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation's wildly popular lottery did not pay off its progressive prize of nearly $300,000 on Thursday night, meaning that progressive prize will be even bigger for next week's draw - potentially over $350,000.

Excitement was in the air at the Bear's Den in Deep River, where people waited to see what card would be drawn on Thursday night.

However, it was the 10 of clubs that was drawn, meaning the elusive ace - which is the key to the progressive prize - remains hidden in one of four envelopes.

Not everyone went home empty-handed, though.

Despite not selecting the correct envelope, Educational Assistant Amanda Hockley of Deep River won the weekly prize because her ticket was the one drawn.

That means Hockley takes home $29,295.00.

"It means a ton", an emotional Hockley said last night, speaking with CTV's Mike Arsalides, who said she split the ticket with a friend.

"I've been through some hard times lately, so this is good news!"

The lottery has not only become extremely popular because of its potential payoff, it's also providing a big boost for some life-saving services at the Deep River and District Hospital. 

The fundraiser has pulled in more than $400,000 for a campaign to buy new x-ray technology and other imaging equipment for the hosiptal.

That represents about one quarter of the campaign goal, money that the founadtion says would otherwise be difficult to raise in such a short time period.

"I can't believe it, my goodness!", exclaimed an excited Ashley Pardy, the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation spokesperson.

"We're trying to keep up with the demand at this point.  So, we're going to do our best and get back out there!"

For more information on tickets and the lottery, please visit the Deep River and District Hospital Foundation's Facebook page.