The Boundary Road Battle

Pembroke wants to knock on Laurentian Valley’s door again for help to fix the remainder of Boundary Road. 

The city put off the expensive project this year, deciding it was too much to afford on its own.  

Deputy Mayor Ron Gervais says since the road straddles both municipalities, Laurentian Valley should help shoulder the cost.

He wants the city to make another request to Laurentian Valley Council.

"Everyone acknowledges that the rest of Boundary Road needs to be completed", Gervais told Star 96.7.

"When I was going door to door leading up to the election, there were certain individuals who said to me 'we see you've done two stretches, are you planning on doing the rest?'" Gervais said.

"Certainly it needs to be done to completion, but I believe it would be a lot easier if the Township of Laurentian Valley were to contribute both financially and otherwise".

Laurentian Valley officials say they refused a past request from the city to share the cost because they've already paid into the county roads budget to fix two other stretches of Boundary Road.

A letter from LV Mayor Steve Bennett to the city back in May of 2018 states "As you are aware, Boundary Road west of Trafalgar Avenue belongs to the County of Renfrew, our upper tier municipality which we contribute a large requisition, has rehabilitated that stretch of Boundary Road very recently at a substantial cost.   As well the far east extension of Boundary Road known as Mud Lake Road, which is also a boundary to both of us has also been recently rehabilitated by the County of Renfrew at a substantial cost of which we have also contributed to."

The letter goes on to say that LV council is of the opinion that they've already contributed to a significant portion of Boundary's rehabilitation.

"That rehabilitation to the above-mentioned projects were completed without any cost sharing from the City of Pembroke", stated the letter.

Still, Gervais is hoping that a delegation to LV Council this year can make a fresh case for the work that still needs to be done, including the stretch of Boundary from Paul Martin Drive to Bennett Street. 

No date has been set yet for a new council presentation.