Think About Kids & Pets During This Spring Melt

This late spring melt is raising concerns about ice tragedies.

With many lakes and rivers still frozen over, OPP Constable Shawn Peever says pets and kids are the two main concerns, because they're often involved in accidents at this time of year around dangerous waterways.

"Every year we hear stories about dogs falling through and people trying to rescue them", Const. Peever told Star 96.7.

"And, also, we want to remind parents to keep an eye on their children.  If they're playing anywhere near bodies of water, ditches, creeks, streams, that sort of thing, we want to make sure there's parental supervision so that we don't have a child falling in water, and getting into some sort of situation that they can't get out of", Peever added.

Police say they also have a critical message if you see something going wrong.

"If for some reason there is an emergency on the ice, call 911, and let the emergency responders take care of it", Const. Peever said.

"Our local firefighters are all trained for ice rescues, they're all trained for that.  We don't want to make the tragedy, or the situation, any worse, so let the trained people do the job of any ice rescue".