Turning "Snow Day" Frustration Into Song

A Pembroke elementary school vice principal is turning the frustration about repeated snow days around.

Mike Popke, the VP of Champlain Discovery Public School, admits he’s not much of a singer or a karaoke enthusiast, but he took to social media with his own version of Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder”, complete with lyrics about snow days in Renfrew County.

He says he chose the song because it's a favourite of one of his sons, and it's often played in the locker room before games.

Initially, Popke recorded the video on Tuesday as an announcement for the school, but decided to post it on social media.

It didn't take long for it to garner plenty of positive comments and reaction, with local educators, friends and acquaintances praising his creativity and enthusiasm.

Popke told Star 96.7 it’s been a fun way to boost morale at a time when educators and families have had to make so many schedule changes because of the numerous weather-related bus cancellations.

Here’s the video that’s made Mr. Popke somewhat of a local sensation on the internet: