UPDATE: County Road 29 Open Again In Pakenham Following Flood

A major road in Pakenham is open again on Tuesday morning, after being covered by flood waters all day Monday.

Water was half a passenger car deep on County Road 29 near a railroad bridge, after a night of heavy rain and a nearby uncontrolled creek that burst its banks after a beaver dam broke.

Scott Evans was one of the drivers who almost got stuck in it himself.

"Quite a bit of water there, to say the least", Evans told Star 96.7.

"There were a couple of vehicles stuck in the deep water.  It was a pretty big scene.  Having been in the area my whole life, I've honestly never seen the water there like that myself", Evans added.

Mississippi Mills Mayor Christa Lowry says Lanark County officials told her that a beaver dam broke sometime overnight, sending the water gushing down to the road.

"What we know at this point is that it's actually a beaver dam that let go near the ski hill", Lowry told Star 96.7.

"So that, coupled with the higher river levels, has caused the flooding along there".

The flooding, while isolated, is a harsh reminder that the danger of the spring melt isn’t over yet, especially with more rain in the forecast.  

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority spokesman Gord Mountenay says a flood watch remains in effect for some areas of Lanark County.

"We're certainly seeing that runoff now, so we're getting that snow melt coupled with the rainfall, and that's driving flows up pretty quickly", he said.

For the latest flood advisories check out  http://ontario.ca/flooding