Valley Citizens' Group Wants Pause On Nuclear Projects

A Renfrew County citizens' group wants the federal government to halt the expansion of nuclear power in Canada.   

The government is expected to announce plans for more reactors.  

But speaking on Parliament Hill yesterday, Ole Hendrickson of Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County said in his group's opinion, there’s no safe plan for nuclear waste from reactors that have already been taken offline in the Valley.

"Our group is not opposed to nuclear research", he told a news conference.

"Many of our friends and neighbours have worked at Chalk River, or do so today.  Chalk River Laboratories is an important part of the economy of Renfrew County. But our group, for decades, has been concerned about radioactive emissions to air and water, from the now-closed NRU and NRX reactors, and from medical isotope production facilities", Hendrickson said.

The group’s push comes as the nuclear industry prepares to begin a conference tomorrow to discuss future energy plans… in particular, small modular reactors – which CNL officials have said represent a breakthrough in clean energy technology. 

CNL has also applied to build a near-surface disposal facility for waste .. which it calls an environmentally sound and safe solution.