Watch The River Levels

Water levels along the Ottawa River have been rising sharply over the past 24 hours, and will keep rising into the weekend.

That's the message from the Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat, after the operators of some reservoirs in northern Ontario released water downstream following heavy rainfall in that part of the province.

Secretariat spokesman Mike Sarich tells Star 96.7 News it's boosting the water levels from Mattawa down to Pembroke, and beyond.

The Pembroke area could see levels about 80 centimetres, or 30 inches, higher than they were on Thursday.

Sarich says the message to anyone who lives along the river, or anyone who still has boats or docks in the water, is to watch the water closely and take measures to protect property.

He says the levels are not expected to pose any danger of flooding, but the situation should be monitored nonetheless.

"Levels aren't going to be high enough to be what we'd consider flood levels, but we'll reach what we call an 'apprehension level'", he said.

"That's a little outside of the normal for the fall period".

The rise in levels should begin to taper off by later in the day on Saturday.