Welcoming The World to the Petawawa Research Forest

An Ottawa Valley institution is celebrating its 100th anniversary today with a high-level delegation.

A group from the United Nations is visiting the Petawawa Research Forest, the oldest research forest in Canada.

Yesterday, federal officials from Natural Resources Canada were on hand for a ceremony to mark the milestone and to launch a new remote sensor supersite to take forest research into the future.

The method uses laser technology to map, monitor and research forest growth and patterns.

A modern engineered wood bridge was also dedicated at the site to demonstrate forestry as clean technology.  

Liaison Officer Jeff Fera told Star 96.7 News that this is truly the forestry work of the future.

"We can then use that to manage our forests more accurately and preciesely into the future", he said.

"So it's state of the art technology that is really detailed analysis to better understand our forests.  It's really going to revolutionize how a person can look at the forests and manage forests into the future".

The site, once called the Petawawa National Forestry Institute, used to employ several people and house multiple research buildings.

Today it continues with a small crew and campus, but with extensive research that is used in the forest industry and in management of forests.