• Career Day

    Producer Joey didn't realize it was the last day before spring break when he went to speak at a high school career day today. We didn't think anyone would even show up.

  • Work Fridge

    A woman kept getting her lunch stolen at work so they installed cameras to catch the culprit. Listen to some of the terrible answers we had trying to guess who it was.

  • Hiding Debt

    Hiding debt from your partner could lead to divorce! Not the case with Nat apparently...

  • Shopping Trigger

    Do you have a "shopping trigger"? Nat can't stop buying dog beds and mustard apparently...

  • Almost Eaten By A Whale

    A man in South Africa was almost eaten by a whale! Someone on the show has been warning us about this for years

  • Captain Marvel Review

    Drew went to see Captain Marvel Thursday night and gave his review Friday morning.

  • Decor Trends

    We learned about the biggest decorating trends for 2019. It was some great news for Erin!

  • Changing a tire

    People on the internet were giving millennials a hard time for not knowing how to change a tire. Honestly, who actually knows how to change a car tire??

  • Airplane Pizza

    An Air Canada pilot bought pizza for a flight that was delayed. Nat had a bit of an issue with the amount of pizza served.

  • New Music: P!nk

    ‘Walk Me Home’