Action For One Pot Retailer

The City of Vernon has given four cannabis retailers until Friday to cease cannabis sales.

In accordance with Council’s direction of November 14, 2017, all cannabis retailers that were in operation in the city prior to that date were given the opportunity to apply for a temporary use permit and business license provided they registered a Section 219 covenant on their property agreeing to close if zoning did not support cannabis retail sales at that location. This approach enables cannabis retailers to continue operating until federal Bill C-45 and related provincial and municipal regulations are adopted.

Given concerns that existing cannabis retailers may be able to argue “grandfathered” status if they are allowed to remain open as the legislation is passed, many communities are closing the shops altogether. Council’s approach ensures that participating cannabis retailers in Vernon have an opportunity to remain open, and that Council will ultimately have control over where in Vernon the shops are permitted to operate long term.

Of the four cannabis retailers that did not register the covenant, three have agreed to close or discontinue sales altogether. The fourth, an on-line delivery-only retailer, has not agreed and is subject to enforcement proceedings.