Another Sign of Spring

The City of Vernon along with the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP and ICBC are working together to promote cyclist and pedestrian safety.

As warmer weather arrives, more people are cycling and walking around our community. Vernon North Okanagan RCMP officers and City of Vernon Volunteers will be distributing reflectors and safety tips for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers at targeted locations.  There will be signage on location with safety messaging, and a social media campaign using the hashtag #HeadsUp. 

“ICBC urges drivers and cyclists to watch out for each other and share the road,” said Christine Kirby, local ICBC road safety and community coordinator.

“Often pedestrian involved collisions occur when drivers are executing right or left hand turns at intersections and when pedestrians are either jay-walking, wearing dark clothing or not paying attention to what’s around them as well,” says Cst. Kelly Brett. “Road safety is a shared responsibility.  Staying visible and making eye contact with fellow road users is not just a tip, it could reduce your chances of sustaining serious injury or being charged with an offence.”

Cyclists are reminded to be predictable and follow the rules of the road. If you ride your bike on a multi-use path, stay to the right except to pass and yield to pedestrians. Ring your bell or say ‘on your left’ before you pass.

Drivers should keep their heads up for cyclists and pedestrians at all times, especially at intersections, crosswalks, downtown and even more so in low light. Always remember to shoulder check before turning right and to look for cyclists before opening your car door.

“Whether we are walking, driving, or riding a bike, we all have a responsibility to take care of each other on our roads and pathways,” said Angela Broadbent, Active Transportation Coordinator at the City of Vernon. “We want everyone to feel safe as they take advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy a bike ride or walk around Vernon.”

For more information on road safety tips, please visit the BCRCMP website or