Armstrong Preparing for the Potential of Flooding

The City of Armstrong says at part of the emergency prepardness it prepares for the possibility of flooding each spring. 

The city says they are, " committed to assisting with protecting residents and businesses that may be impacted by a potential flood; all residents, property and business owners have a part to play."

The City would like to remind property owners that they are responsible for their own flood mitigation efforts. This includes but is not limited to:
• sandbagging;
• subscribing to flood insurance coverage; and
• creating an emergency kit.

Armstrong says they highly encourage property owners to remove or secure all items on your property that may create hazards if they were to be swept up into flood water. These items may become submerged or create surface debris that can increase the impact of flooding and create blockages or hazards.

A free sand bagging station is currently set up at the Public Works Yard located at the corner of Patterson Avenue and Becker Street.