Bear Put Down

The City of Armstrong says a young habituated bear was put down and three residents were issued violations for failure to take appropriate measures to prevent the habituation of bears.

Community Services Manager, Warren Smith, says it happened on May 24th on Highland Park Drive in Armstrong.

Smith says over the past 3 years there has been over 160 calls to BC Conservation Services related to bear complaints in the City of Armstrong. BC Conservation Services and the City of Armstrong have identified the area of Highland Park Drive as a problematic area. In 2019 to date there have been 26 calls for service alone, indicating the problem may be increasing.  He says, "This problem exists due to many residents not taking the appropriate steps to ensuring their property is bear proof. Steps MUST be taken by residents to ensure that the community is not put at further risk and ultimately ensuring no further bears become habituated. For residents that fail to comply, they may open themselves to enforcement action including but not limited to violation tickets and if warranted, court action."

The City of Armstrong and BC Conservation Services are asking for your assistance on this matter. Simple steps that can be taken to prevent another bear from becoming habituated and putting residents at risk include but are not limited to:
Keep garbage inside or securely stored until the morning (7am) of garbage collection.
Pet food should not be left unattended outside, bring in the food dish between feedings.
Covering your compost with a light cover of lime, dirt or a heavy cover of grass clippings will also assist with odours, if a conflict persists the compost bin may have to be removed.
Use bird feeders only in the winter when bears are hibernating and natural bird food is limited.
Barbeques are a strong bear attractant due the smells and cooked food sometimes left behind. Take the steps to clean or burn off any leftover food residue.
To report a bear incident contact the BC Conservation Officer 24 hour Hotline 1-877-952-RAPP (7277). For more information on being a good bear neighbour go to the BC Conservation Office or Wild Safe BC websites