Bus Pass

Students who ride school buses in School District 22 Vernon will have to show the driver a bus pass beginning Monday.

“School District 22 is required to maintain a rider manifest for each bus run. Implementing bus passes within the district is a step towards improving student safety and ensuring students are riding the correct bus,” said Robyn Stephenson, Manager of Transportation Services. “Bus passes will also assist school staff as they help students get on the correct bus and to the correct destination.”
The District says registered bus riders should receive their bus pass by Friday, April 5th. Elementary school students will have received their pass in the bus line ups after school, and high school students should have picked up their pass at their school office or designated school location. Starting Monday, April 8, bus drivers will be asking students to present their pass as they load the bus.
“All bus riders are required to register to ride the bus,” continued Stephenson. “This will provide us with accurate ridership numbers and allow us to ensure we are providing the appropriate level of service for the number of riders we have registered.”
A grace period will be in place until April 18, to allow all students requiring bus transportation time to register and bus passes to be issued. After the two-week grace period, if a student proceeds to load a bus and does not have a bus pass, parents will be contacted to confirm if busing is required for the student.

The district implemented a $300 rider fee for students they say are close enough to walk.

For more information or to register a student requiring school bus transportation, parents can visit the transportation page of the school district website: www.sd22.bc.ca/programs/transportation