Business Group Pushes "Yes" Vote

A Vernon business organization has come out in support of borrowing up to $25 million for a new cultural centre.

The Downtown Vernon Association is encouraging voters to support the referendum for a new multi-purpose cultural centre in downtown Vernon. The DVA supports the referendum and the adoption of a bylaw that authorizes borrowing by the RDNO for its portion of the funds required to build the multi-purpose cultural facility. 

'The Cultural Centre activities will leverage assets for downtown improvements, enabling better maintenance and additions to infrastructure like streets, lighting and safety', states Susan Lehman, Executive Director of the DVA. 

The centre will accommodate as many uses as possible, hosting the museum and art gallery as well as performance space providing access to exhibitions, programs, and presentations. 'Instead of travelling to another Okanagan city for culture or entertainment, residents will keep their dollars here in Vernon which will re-circulate in the economy,' says Lehman, 'the downtown core will directly benefit not only economically but also because these types of facilities preserve heritage, create a distinct culture, and generate opportunities for innovation.'