Change in Water - no boats?

 Greater Vernon Water customers may notice a difference in their water.  The Kal Lake water source was turned off at 6 pm Wednesday night due to increased turbidity in the water.
The cloudiness is due to a combination of milfoil removal near Kal beach and spring run-off.  Water will be supplied from the Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant .

Customers  will notice that the water is much softer and the low alkalinity and pH may be of interest to those with water treatment systems or aquariums.

 Nearly 60,000 people receive their drinking water from Kal Lake. The Regional District wants to preserve the safety and quality of the region’s drinking water.  A recent study showed that boats stir sediment up from the lake bottom when they are driven close to shore.

One of the recommendations was setting up low wake zones near the water intakes.  The district says they're not trying to ban boating on Kal Lake, but find  solutions that preserve the safety of our drinking water.