Council Talking Ban and Pot

Another busy agenda for Monday's Vernon council meeting.

They'll be discussing a request to take the issue of banning single use plastic
checkout bags by December to the Union of BC Municipalities convention.

Vernon Council is in support of the initiative from Predator Ridge Resort to join their trails to the Okanagan Rail Trail,  but they're being encouraged to make a presentation at
the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee 

Council will also look at two more cannabis business applications.  The applications are for
2813a - 35th Street  and 2808a - 48th Avenue.  We asked our listeners if council should limit the number of pot shops and responses included "If these applications are from the shops that are here already then Just grant them the friggin licenses already! They already have established businesses and customer bases in town here. We, and other people we know, drive to other friggin towns to get it and we shouldn't have to. We would rather support our own Towns economy! Just rubberstamp em and let them go back to providing for the people." There seems to be support for no limits, " Business is economic growth, Vernon needs it!"