Disputing Ticket

The man ticketed under the City of Vernon Firearms and Weapons By-law for an incident in Polson Park this week says he's appealing.

Max Buchanan says everything he owns is in his car and had no where to store the pellet gun and didn't know his buddy had left a replica gun in a bag in his vehicle. He says he never fired the gun, "No, I was not carrying them, they weren't fired, the only time they were carried or fired in the park was by the officer when they were checking to see if it was real when they took it from my car and then to confirm they fired three shots into the grass."

He says the RCMP were just doing their job, "The only issue I've got is the two by-law officers who showed up at about 10 o'clock at night at the police station.  They weren't in the park, I was not seen by by-law at all it was only when I was getting let out, oh by the way 500 bucks."

Buchanan says he was being released by RCMP after 6 hours when by-law officers showed up and gave him the $500 ticket, "I tried to give them the opportunity to just repeal the ticket.  I went there and talked to them and I explained that you know I wanted to give them a chance, now they unlocked the gate so that I could drive my car out.  They helped me out, I wanted to help them out, but they kinda stone walled me."

Cst. Kelly Brett says,  “It is incredibly important for people to realize that airsoft weapons can look and feel very real, and pose great risk to those who have them in their possession when not in a controlled environment”. 

The 23-year-old says he's unemployed and can't afford the ticket and has already given notice of the appeal, "They ticketed the wrong person".