Extra funds May Be Given to O'Keefe Ranch

'Keefe Ranch

On Sept. 3, council agreed to increase the grant for O'Keefe Ranch from $50,000 to $100,000 in the draft 2020 budget.

"It's running on a smooth track right now but it's still in need of our support," said Coun. Scott Anderson, adding that the ranch needs time to implement its business plan and revenue opportunities.

Mayor Victor Cumming supported the additional funding.

"It's definitely a regional asset," he said of the ranch's contribution to tourism and preserving history.

While Coun. Kelly Fehr stated that "there has to be an end-point" to taxpayer funding for the ranch, Coun. Brian Quiring disagreed.

"If there is an end-point, it will be the closing of the ranch. It needs to stay open. It's our history," said Quiring.

... Courtesy of the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce.