Federal Funding for Local Program

Archway society

The federal government has announced more than three-quarters of a million dollars in funding for projects helping children and youth in Vernon and Vancouver.

Monday, the Honourable David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, announced funding of $340,000 for Archway Society for Domestic Peace in Vernon.  This funding will support the Archway Society for Domestic Peace's Oak Centre, a place where children and youth victims and witnesses receive support and can be interviewed in a safe, welcoming environment. The Oak Centre aims to minimize the impact and trauma a child may experience when speaking about abuse or crime.
Children and youth victims deserve a safe space where they are comfortable to share their stories and experiences with trained professionals. Customized services help lessen the short and long term impacts of abuse and violence children and youth experience. Through the Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) Initiative, the Government of Canada supports victims and their families by providing funding to create and maintain multi-disciplinary, coordinated and child-and-youth centred services in one location.

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, David Lametti, says,  "Child and Youth Advocacy Centres, such as the Oak Centre at the Archway Society for Domestic Peace, provide vital services that make a difference for young victims of abuse and violence. I am proud that the Government of Canada supports community-driven services that prioritize the unique needs of children and youth victims in a way that lessens the impact of these tragic experiences."

Manager, Brooke McLardy says, "Oak Child and Youth Advocacy Centre serves vulnerable children and youth in the North Okanagan who have experienced abuse or sexual assault. The Centre was created with funding from Department of Justice Canada which provided assistance through the Victims Fund for a feasibility study, development and piloting of the service. Children and youth are interviewed by police and social workers and are provided with enhanced victim services support on site. The Partnership works together to ensure that every child and youth receives the wrap-around service they require for their unique needs. Now in our fourth year of operation we continue to receive operational funding from the Victims Fund and have served over 640 children and youth. Without the support of Department of Justice Canada this valuable service for vulnerable children would not be possible."