Flood Alerts To Your Phone

The City of Vernon is encouraging residents to sign up to receive emergency alerts.

The City of Vernon’s website has a feature that will send you instant notification whenever the City issues an emergency alert or news release. “I encourage residents to visit the website and subscribe to updates,” said Nick Nilsen, Communications Officer for the City. “You can choose to receive emergency alerts and news releases, as well as other alerts such as upcoming events, bid opportunities, meetings and even job postings.”

The emergency alert option is one of the best ways to receive timely, accurate information as we head into the spring snow melt. “As the snowpack melts and water levels in the lakes increase, we will use the emergency alerts and news releases to keep you informed about events as they unfold,” said Nilsen.

Go to www.vernon.ca/subscribe, enter your email address, and check the boxes to indicate the updates you want to receive. You can change or cancel your choices at any time.

Information about preparing for flooding, FAQs, and the location of sandbags is available here: https://www.vernon.ca/floods-emergency-management

You can read all about the City of Vernon’s Emergency Management program here: https://www.vernon.ca/homes-building/fire-safety/emergency-management

In the event of flooding, updates will be provided through the local news outlets and on the City’s social media pages: https://www.facebook.com/CityofVernon and https://twitter.com/CityofVernon.