Friends Supporting Fire Victims

A Go Fund Me account has been started for a Coldstream family who lost their home in a fire.

Members of the McMillan family had to escape their burning home on Kal Lake Road early Monday morning and lost all of their possessions.

The following is a post from the Go Fund Me account:
This beautiful family, our neighbours, friends and wonderful members of our community - Paul, Brittany, Marley, Jonah and baby Lila McMillan - lost their home in a terrible fire this morning (Monday February 4). They all got out safely, but have lost everything. Those of you who know them know that these guys would give their clothes off their backs for anyone who asked - let's do the same for them. Thankfully the whole family got out safely, but they need all the help we can give them - emotionally and to replace what can be replaced in terms of material stuff.

As of early Tuesday morning $11,825 had already been donated.  Their goal is $25,000.