Gas Up


If you're planning a road trip this weekend you're going to want to fill up soon.

While you can still find gas for $117.9 in Vernon - gas prices are going up.  Some stations raised prices by 7 cents a litre to $124.9.

Most Canadian markets have seen gasoline prices rise several cents per litre over the past week, which has seen refinery and pipeline shutdowns in the U.S. Gulf Coast region due to storm-related flooding.

Gas Buddy-dot-com's , Dan McTeague, says the big reason is a jump in wholesale prices by about that same amount - and retailers  like to have a 12-cent buffer as part of their operating margins.

He doesn't see another increase this long weekend.  However, McTeague says if the shortages become more pronounced next week, U-S midwest refineries will start supplying the eastern seaboard forcing prices up again.

Eastern Canada is seeing the worst of the Hurricane Harvey price jump, with gas prices set to rise by 23-cents-a-litre by the end of the weekend.