Homeless Impact Meeting

It's a step in the right direction.  That's the reaction from the Upper Room Mission regarding Wednesday's meeting to discuss the impacts of homelessness within the Business Improvement Area in downtown Vernon.
The Mission participated in a community discussion focused on issues and concerns related to the impacts of homelessness within the Business Improvement Area (BIA).
The facilitated discussion was hosted by Urban Matters and the City of Vernon. Close to 80 people participated and reviewed issues and concerns within the BIA, as well as discussed new and upcoming programs and initiatives and brainstormed potential actions for moving forward.

"We share in many of the concerns expressed at today's meeting," said Upper Room Mission general manager, Cera Brown, "As a non-profit business operating in downtown Vernon, we too face the same issues as many of our neighbours."  The Upper Room Mission and its staff says they realize that there is no easy fix to the complex issues facing our community and businesses but through open dialogue, perhaps a solution can be found.

"I think today's meeting was a step in the right direction," said Brown. "It was a step toward building a better understanding of what issues we face as a community and how, we as a community, are going to address those issues." The Upper Room Mission would like to thank the City of Vernon and Urban Matters for hosting such an important discussion. We would also like to thank all the businesses, social service agencies and concerned community members who participated in today's discussion."

Some businesses were less satisfied with the meeting.  Council will get a report in the next few weeks.