Hurlburt Park Open

On Thursday, July 12th, the City will open Hurlburt Park for lake access and beach related activities.  As further improvements to Hurlburt Park are not scheduled until September, the public are welcomed to access the lake, beach and dock.

The park will open with the same basic services and amenities as 2017; beach and dock access, garbage receptacle and temporary toilet facilities and an abbreviated maintenance regime.  Visitors are asked to use caution as the site is still under construction, though activity is paused. 

Limited parking can be found within the Eastside Road Right-of-Way, off the paved driving surface. No motorized traffic is allowed in the park, beach or dock.

The park is open for beach and swimming uses primarily.  The overall site has been inspected and found safe for public use.  The dock received minor repairs and the swimming platform is ready for use by the public.  There are no swim buoys and no lifeguards, so caution is advised. Visitors are asked to pack out what they have packed in for their use during their stay.

There are no fires, no camping, no smoking, no alcohol permitted anywhere in the park and the hours for public use are limited to 7:00 am to 9:00 pm at this time. The Parks and Open Spaces Bylaw #5057 is in effect at all times and Bylaw Compliance has added Hurlburt Park into their regular patrols.  To report a problem, call 250 550 3505 or RCMP.

The park had been closed to the public for demolition and pre-construction activities. Hurlburt Park to open until further construction resumes in September