Kin Race Track Decision

The trial to decide the future of the Kin Race Track in Vernon has been won by the City of Vernon.

Councillor Scott Anderson posted on Facebook Tuesday that the lengthy legal battle is finally over and the new problem is -  what to do with the land on 43rd Avenue at Old Kamloops Road. 

Anderson commented, "It's been frustrating not to be able to talk about the case for an entire term because it's been before the courts, but today a legal decision was handed down, so it's in the public domain now and will be posted in its entirety tomorrow in court records."

This is Justice Michael Tammen's conclusion, "  I share Mr. Willows’ view that if Kin Park is presently an eyesore, such is deplorable. However, I am unable and unwilling to apportion responsibility or blame for that sad state of affairs. Obviously, the majority of the issues among the parties which I have decided could and likely should have been adjudicated years ago. I do not know why this case took more than ten years to get to trial. Hopefully, with this
judgment, the defendants can commence to make better use of the land.  I dismiss the action. The defendants are entitled to their costs."

The Okanagan Equestrian Society plans to respond later today.