Liberals Encouraging No Vote

The Leader of the BC Liberals was in Vernon Friday, speaking to the Chamber of Commerce and a town hall meeting.

Andrew Wilkinson says there are too many unanswered questions about the proportional representation referendum, "If you're in Vernon or the North Okanagan I think you probably do want to know where your riding will be.  Is it Kamloops and Vernon combined or is it Kelowna and Vernon combined? Where is it?"

Wilkinson says the Liberals support keeping the current first-past-the post system, "People need to make up their mind of whether they want to choose their MLA  and whether they feel their community wants to be represented by itself not lumped in with a bunch of other communities and they won't even tell you which communities you'll be lumped in with."  His big concern is, "the proposed change transfers influence and control from the voter to the party bosses.  The party bosses get the decisions about who gets elected and where and that we think is wrong."

The mail in referendum starts October 22nd, and runs until November 30th.