Lock Your Possessions

The Vernon North Okanagan RCMP is reminding residents to secure their homes, vehicles and valuables. 

As the weather starts to warm up, residential break and enters, theft from vehicles, theft of bikes and property related crime as a whole tend to increase. This is due, largely in fact, to the increase in crimes of opportunities as a result from property not being properly secured or concealed. 

See below for safety tips and information on how to keep your property safe and not become a victim of a crime of opportunity. 
Don’t provide the bait
Are you a victim of any of these?
•Residential Break and Enters
•Memberships, new credit cards or car rentals in your name
•Loss of personal items
•Identify theft
•Credit card fraud

What do these have in common
They all can start with a vehicle break-in.

Most common items left in vehicles

Large financial loss for replacement or contains documents or photos that are irreplaceable

Purses or Wallets
Contains cash, credit cards, gift cards and personal identification

Garage openers and key fobs
Provides easy access to homes with an address from the insurance papers

Insurance Papers
Provides personal home address, driver's licence info and sometimes financial info

Prevention and Safety Tips
•Do not leave ANYTHING of value or with personal information in your vehicle.
•Always lock your car, even in your own driveway.
•Close and lock all windows and doors when away - including the door to your home that is in the garage.
•Do not share vacation plans or when you'll be away on social media - this identifies your home when vacant.
•Consider getting an alarm, home security system, motion-sensor lights and/or timers for internal lights