Lumby Uses 50,000 Sandbags

Municipal staff and area contractors continue to respond to the flood threat and install emergency works in attempt to contain and mitigate flooding. All properties along the creeks are under evacuation alert with certain locations still under mandatory evacuation order:
-1879 Faulkner Avenue (Units 1- 10)
-2156 Bessette Street (Units 1-12)
-1886 Shuswap Avenue
-1746 Vernon Street
During mandatory evacuation orders, residents are not permitted back into their property.

Water levels in the creeks have receded, however levels are expected to increase again later this week as warm weather is forecasted that has the potential to melt existing snow pack, followed by rain events.
The creeks continue to flow quickly and are picking up debris along the way. Residents are advised to maintain a safe distance away for their safety and to not allow children or animals into the creeks.
Sandbags are available in the parking lot across from the Curling Club located at 2230 Shields Avenue. There are currently 18,000 sandbags are available. To date 50,000 sandbags have been produced.
The Village also requests that residents and onlookers stay away from work areas for their own safety.
There is no boil water advisory in Lumby.