Organics Collection Bins

The City of Vernon is piloting a program to reduce waste going to the landfill. Two organics collection bins have been set up to trial diverting waste from the landfill. Organics diversion through composting can reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by over 90% compared to sending the same waste to the landfill.

This project is funded through the Climate Action Revolving Fund. This fund was developed by the City to fund projects that reduce GHG emissions generated by City operations. The project hopes to reduce up to 138 tonnes of GHGs in a year. 

The organics collection bins are located at City Hall, in the parking lot next to the Community Services Building, and behind the Schubert Centre.

“Schubert Centre is an ideal location to try out waste diversion,” said Mayor Victor Cumming. “The combination of housing density and the Centre’s catering and meal services could potentially provide a viable organic waste diversion pilot.”

Anyone can deposit their organic materials in the bins. Acceptable materials include food scraps, paper and leaves and garden trimmings. A detailed list can be found on the City website.

The city says the bins are maintained by Spa Hills Compost and are emptied weekly.