Pat Duke Arena Upgrade

An open house is expected in February so residents can have a look at the upgrades planned for the Pat Duke Memorial Arena in Lumby.

The arena is getting an upgrade in order to better serve an increasing number of female participants in hockey and other ice sports. As part of a community effort that began in 2016, residents and users came together and initiated fundraising to improve amenities in the arena. As a result of these efforts, the Pat Duke Area won Kraft Hockeyville 2016, receiving $100,000 to put towards improving the facility.

“Due to an insufficient number of change rooms, female ice users have had inadequate facilities during co-ed ice times”, stated Tannis Nelson, Community Services Manager. “The arena also creates challenges for users with mobility issues, and due to its age, no longer meets accessibility standards”.

The Regional District of North Okanagan has held several meetings with stakeholders and users of the arena, and are currently finalizing the draft concept plan and costing for renovations and construction. Once complete, the concepts will be brought forward to the community through an open house anticipated to be scheduled in February.

“The objective of this project is to achieve four new change rooms through expansion and renovation of the existing building, and two additional change rooms through renovation of the existing change room area”, stated Nelson. “The project also includes additional storage, upgraded referee facilities, and a heated lobby and viewing area.”

“The Pat Duke Arena is a cherished facility in the Village of Lumby and surrounding area”, stated Mike Fox, Community Services General Manager. “The Regional District of North Okanagan looks forward to the completion of this project, and an increased enjoyment of the facility from users and residents alike”.

No word yet on a date for the public meeting next month.