Provincial Park Damage

Lumby RCMP are investigating after Mabel Lake Provincial Park was vandalized again over the weekend.

The camp managers say the incident took place early Sunday,  June 2nd  between 2-2:10 am, according to witnesses. They say the suspect accessed the park via the cabin road.  Louise Semograd Nielson posted the following, "This is really sad. We have been working very hard for the last 3 yrs to make Mabel Lake Prov Park a treasure to visit. We continually receive overwhelming comments on how beautiful the park looks & how much the campers appreciate the care taken here to keep it clean & well maintained for families.  We resurfaced (or replaced) the picnic tables in the entire Monashee & Trinity areas, and replaced all overflow & playground tables with brand new boards.

Over winter, EVERY BRAND NEW TABLE in Overflow was vandalized by someone “carving profanities into it’ and a bathroom was vandalized with piles of feces & soiled diapers.

LAST WEEK we replaced the vandalized tables (again) with brand new boards.

LAST NIGHT, our entire overflow day use lawn was ripped up by a quad & EVERY picnic table but one, was senselessly vandalized (again).

A single board costs $200. 5 boards a table means $1000 per table +labour, and the time required to repair this vandalism takes us away from other areas if the park needing attention.

SO....Where was ‘your’ quad last night? Someone around here knows who keeps doing this. PLEASE talk some sense into them, and remind them that this park belongs to YOU too!"

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Lumby RCMP.