Question Pesticide Ban

A couple of local landscape companies were before Vernon City Council Monday raising concerns about a potential pesticide ban.

Mr. Joel Campbell, President, Green Velvet, and Mr. Henry vander Molen, President, Supergreen Lawn & Tree Care asked to respond to proposal for a pesticide ban and request for task force to consider. 

They asked council if the reasons for the proposed ban based on science or opinion? 

The Landscape companies say Health Canada has already deemed these products safe if used according to labels and had some specific points they want council to consider:

-The term "cosmetic" can be very vague. What will the definition of cosmetic be?
-How will the city enforce the ban without relying on homeowners and neighbours to
inform on their neighbours, creating tension within neighbourhoods and the city.
-Will golf courses and orchards within city limits be affected by this proposed ban?
If not, then why? Golf courses experience a higher level of exposure
than that of a residential property. Lawn Care Companies such as ours are just as
qualified if not more, than people using these products on golf courses, etc.
-Acetic Acid (vinegar), considered harmless by many, is actually more toxic than
glyphosate (Round-up) and requires more product, and visits to kill the target plant.

They urged the city, before the proposed ban is implemented, to test the ban guidelines by maintaining some city land under these guidelines first to ensure whether or not problems can be dealt with effectively and efficiently under the ban guidelines. 

Staff will bring a report back to council in the spring.