Rescued Children

Vernon Search & Rescue say their volunteers were happy to help track, locate and rescue two young boys on the Westside of Okanagan Lake New Year's Eve.

The two brothers, aged 6 and 8,  had walked into the woods to find marshmallow sticks, then got lost after wandering after a deer. The close to Minus 20  temperatures contributed to the difficulty and the urgency of the search.

The RCMP,  SAR, North Westside Volunteer Fire Department, Ambulance personnel, and many volunteers worked together to quickly locate and rescue the two young boys, who were found a significant distance away in the deep snow, near the bottom of a gully. 

Both were suffering from hypothermia, were treated by BC Ambulance and are doing well.  

Vernon Search & Rescue say parents need to teach their children if they get lost to "hug a tree" - which just means to stay put and wait to be rescued.