Salmon Arm Shooting Update

One man has been charged with first degree murder in Sunday's shooting in Salmon Arm.

25-year-old Matrix Gathergood remains in custody after one man was killed while a second is in stable condition.  The shooting happened during a service at the Church of Christ  about 10:30 Sunday morning.

The man who was killed has been identified as 78 year old Gord Parmenter, a father four.   The Salmon Arm man who took in troubled teens who had ``nowhere else to go,'' is being remembered as a kind, supportive foster parent.   A former foster son has identified Parmenter as the man shot to death  when the man walked into the non-denominational church and opened fire.   The foster son, who can't be identified, says he would not be in college, or have discovered his love of music without Parmenter's guidance.